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Ordering products from the store (“Store”), registering an account in the Store and/or accessing the Store (whether as a registered user or as a guest without registration) from your mobile device, your computer or other hardware (“Device”) and/or at any time clicking “I AGREE” or such other button, link or click-through, constitutes your agreement to these Terms of Use and to KAUTTO.NET’s Privacy Policy (available at, which collectively form a legally binding agreement between you and KAUTTO.NET (the “Agreement”). Your right to use the website and order products from the Store is conditioned upon compliance with the terms of the Agreement. We urge you to read these Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy carefully before accessing the Store. If you do not agree to the terms of this Agreement, you may not access the Store or order products from the Store. Printmotor operates the Store’s orders on behalf of the Store Owner. KAUTTO.NET acts as a seller towards the customers of the Store (“Users”) and Printmotor delivers the products (“Products”) purchased by the User from the Store using a third party logistics company. Printmotor’s and Store Owner’s services pursuant to this Agreement are hereinafter referred to collectively as the “Services”.

Contact details of KAUTTO.NET (“Eventa Creative”), the website, web store and store sales & marketing operator:

Name: Eventa Creative Osk
Business ID: 2639463-4
Address: Finlaysoninkuja 21 A, 5. Krs, 33210 Tampere
Web site:                
Email: [email protected]
VAT Number: FI26394634

Contact details of Printmotor, the store orders and deliveries operator:

Name: Printmotor Ltd
Business ID: 0824433-3
Address: Sorvaajankatu 11, FI-00880 Helsinki
Web site:
Email address: [email protected]
VAT Number: FI08244333


2.1. The Service is intended for private individuals, institutions and companies.

2.2. You must be 18 years or older to order products from the Store.



3.1. The User can order Products from the Store without registration, however the User must provide the User’s name, address, phone number and email address, and any other details required by KAUTTO.NET, Eventa Creative or Printmotor to fulfil its obligations under this Agreement, including delivery of Products. In addition to the above mentioned information, the institutional and corporate customers may provide their trade registry number and VAT number.

3.2. By placing an order for a Product, the User warrants that he/she has read the provisions of this Agreement, agrees to these provisions and warrants to comply with this Agreement.

3.3. The User ordering on behalf of a company warrants that he/she has sufficient authority to order the Products in question and to bind that company to this Agreement and to the payment obligations arising from the order of the Products.


4.1. The User accepts responsibility for all activities that the User conducts in the Store and agrees to pay the indicated price of the Product(s) the User purchases from the Store by following the payment instructions given to the User during the ordering process. The User shall be liable for ensuring the security of the User’s account username and password.

4.2. The User warrants that the information the User provides during the registration process or ordering process (and any notification of change of such information) is true and correct. The User has to ensure that correct and valid information for the purposes of the delivery are provided during the order process. If the delivery cannot be carried out due to a wrong delivery address provided by the User, KAUTTO.NET, Eventa Creative or Printmotor shall not be liable for any refund or compensation.

4.3. Users shall be liable for all their own Devices, internet connectivity and software and any costs thereof. Users agree to not attempt to damage, hack, crack, reverse engineer, or otherwise interfere with the Services in any manner.


5.1. In order to use the Services and to purchase Products from the Store, the User must provide correct personal and other information necessary for the use of the Services and order of Products. The Service stores necessary personal data required to offer the Service, deliver the purchased Products and otherwise facilitate the functionalities of the Service. This personal data may include e.g. user’s first and last name, phone number, address and email address. More information on the storing and processing of personal data is found in the Privacy Policy.

KAUTTO.NET Shop’s Privacy Policy shall apply to this Agreement and any submission of personal data.


6.1. An order shall be considered binding on the User when the order is finalized in the Store. An order shall be considered binding on KAUTTO.NET and Eventa Creative after KAUTTO.NET or Eventa Creative have received the User’s payment in full and sent an order confirmation to the User.

6.2. Unless otherwise agreed by KAUTTO.NET or Eventa Creative, payment must be received by KAUTTO.NET or Eventa Creative prior to acceptance and shipping of any order.

6.3. Printmotor, KAUTTO.NET and Eventa Creative reserve the right to reject any order in its sole discretion.

6.4. KAUTTO.NET Shop uses WooCommerce and Stripe ( for all payments from the Users. Stripe currently offers payments by Visa and MasterCard credit, debit and electron cards. KAUTTO.NET may also introduce other additional payment methods.


7.1. The product price is the price displayed for the Product in the Store at the time of ordering.

7.2. All Product prices and delivery charges are displayed in euros (EUR) unless other currency is specified.

7.3. For all orders within the EU to individual consumers, product prices and delivery charges include VAT.

7.4. For all orders outside of EU and to VAT-registered companies within EU, the currently applicable Finnish VAT will be deducted from the value of the order.

7.5. When ordering from outside the EU, the User agrees to pay for any local taxes, customs duties, clearance charges and other comparable costs.


8.1. Production and delivery times may vary. Delivery time is determined by availability of the Product and order destination. The User will see the estimated delivery time in the order confirmation.

8.2 KAUTTO.NET and Eventa Creative use a third party service provider for the delivery of the goods and therefore any delivery times provided by Printmotor or KAUTTO.NET are estimates only and KAUTTO.NET or Eventa Creative shall not be liable for any reasonable delay in delivery.

8.3. KAUTTO.NET or Eventa Creative shall not be liable for any delays in performing or failure to perform any obligations under this Agreement, which are directly attributable to causes beyond its reasonable control (force majeure), including, but not limited to, fires, strikes, labor disputes, war, acts or intervention by any governmental authority, failure of a common carrier, supplier, hardware, software, browser, or communications equipment, or network failure, congestion, or malfunction.

8.4. KAUTTO.NET, Eventa Creative and Printmotor reserve the right to deliver different products ordered in the same time separately.

8.5. KAUTTO.NET, Eventa Creative and Printmotor may, at their sole discretion, restrict the possibility to deliver Products to certain geographical areas.


9.1. Normal, non-printed on demand, not customized and not limited or special ordered products are returnable within 14 days from purchase. Returned goods must be unused, unopened and in it’s original sales condition. All costs for returning the goods are to be paid by the User. The User shall send the products to the address of KAUTTO.NET or Eventa Creative set out above in contact details section with a delivery method of User’s choice. After KAUTTO.NET / Eventa has received the returned products, Eventa Creative shall reimburse the price of the products to the credit card or other card the User has used for the payment of the products. All print products in the store are customized and printed each uniquely for each customer. Custom orders and Special orders are NON RETURNABLE and CANNOT BE CANCELLED once placed due to the custom and made to order processes involved.

9.2. In case the User deems that the Products are faulty or have defects, the User may lodge a complaint to KAUTTO.NET, Eventa Creative or Printmotor by contacting them via email at [email protected] or [email protected] KAUTTO.NET, Eventa Creative and Printmotor may require that the defected Product is returned to Printmotor or Eventa Creative in order to verify the defects and to improve the quality of Products. KAUTTO.NET or Eventa Creative shall replace the defected Product by sending the User a new Product.

9.3 In case a Product is misplaced or defected during the delivery, the User has the right to receive a new Product without additional costs to the User. Replacing the Product with a new one constitutes Printmotor’s sole liability in case of misplaced or defected Product.


Eventa Creative and KAUTTO.NET reserve the right to change, modify, add or remove parts of these Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy and the Service at any given time by posting the amended versions in the Store, and in case of substantial changes, by notifying Users.


This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Finland, excluding its conflicts-of-law provisions.

Any disputes arising out of this Agreement will be referred to Helsingin käräjäoikeus (Helsinki District Court) as the court of first instance. Consumers are entitled to bring action in the court of first instance of their domicile. In case of disputes, consumers may also resort to the Consumer Complaints Board ( or the Online Dispute Resolution service provided by the European Commission (

KAUTTO.NET Privacy Policy:

KAUTTO.NET Rekisteri- ja tietosuojaseloste

Tämä on Eventa Creative Osk:n henkilötietolain (10 ja 24 §) ja EU:n yleisen tietosuoja-asetuksen (GDPR) mukainen rekisteri- ja tietosuojaseloste joka koskee KAUTTO.NET -palveluja ja verkkokauppaa. Laadittu 21.11.2018. Viimeisin muutos 21.11.2018.


  1. Rekisterinpitäjä

Eventa Creative Osk

Finlaysoninkuja 21 A, 5. krs

33210 Tampere


  1. Rekisteristä vastaava yhteyshenkilö

Samuel Kautto, [email protected], 0404123095


  1. Rekisterin nimi

Verkkokaupan asiakasrekisteri


  1. Oikeusperuste ja henkilötietojen käsittelyn tarkoitus

EU:n yleisen tietosuoja-asetuksen mukainen oikeusperuste henkilötietojen käsittelylle on jokin tai useampi seuraavista:
– henkilön suostumus (dokumentoitu, vapaaehtoinen, yksilöity, tietoinen ja yksiselitteinen)
– sopimus, jossa rekisteröity on osapuolena

  • asiakassuhde 

Henkilötietojen käsittelyn tarkoitus on yhteydenpito asiakkaisiin, verkkokaupan toiminnan takaaminen (toimitukset, asiakaspalvelu jne.), asiakassuhteen ylläpito ja markkinointi.

Tietoja ei käytetä automatisoituun päätöksentekoon tai profilointiin.


  1. Rekisterin tietosisältö

Rekisteriin tallennettavia tietoja ovat: henkilön nimi, asema, yritys/organisaatio, yhteystiedot (puhelinnumero, sähköpostiosoite, osoite), www-sivustojen osoitteet, verkkoyhteyden IP-osoite, tunnukset/profiilit sosiaalisen median palveluissa, tiedot tilatuista palveluista ja niiden muutoksista, laskutustiedot, muut asiakassuhteeseen ja tilattuihin palveluihin liittyvät tiedot.


  1. Säännönmukaiset tietolähteet

Rekisteriin tallennettavat tiedot saadaan asiakkaalta mm. www-lomakkeilla lähetetyistä viesteistä, sähköpostitse, puhelimitse, sosiaalisen median palvelujen kautta, sopimuksista, tilauksista, asiakastapaamisista ja muista tilanteista, joissa asiakas luovuttaa tietojaan.


  1. Tietojen säännönmukaiset luovutukset ja tietojen siirto EU:n tai ETA:n ulkopuolelle

Tietoja ei luovuteta säännönmukaisesti muille tahoille. Tietoja voidaan julkaista vain siltä osin kuin niin on sovittu asiakkaan kanssa.

Tietoja voidaan siirtää rekisterinpitäjän toimesta myös EU:n tai ETA:n ulkopuolelle.


  1. Rekisterin suojauksen periaatteet

Rekisterin käsittelyssä noudatetaan huolellisuutta ja tietojärjestelmien avulla käsiteltävät tiedot suojataan asianmukaisesti. Jos rekisteritietoja säilytetään Internet-palvelimilla, niiden laitteiston fyysisestä ja digitaalisesta tietoturvasta huolehditaan asiaankuuluvasti. Rekisterinpitäjä huolehtii siitä, että tallennettuja tietoja sekä palvelimien käyttöoikeuksia ja muita henkilötietojen turvallisuuden kannalta kriittisiä tietoja käsitellään luottamuksellisesti ja vain niiden työntekijöiden toimesta, joiden työnkuvaan se kuuluu.


  1. Tarkastusoikeus ja oikeus vaatia tiedon korjaamista

Jokaisella rekisterissä olevalla henkilöllä on oikeus tarkistaa rekisteriin tallennetut tietonsa ja vaatia mahdollisen virheellisen tiedon korjaamista tai puutteellisen tiedon täydentämistä. Mikäli henkilö haluaa tarkistaa hänestä tallennetut tiedot tai vaatia niihin oikaisua, pyyntö tulee lähettää kirjallisesti rekisterinpitäjälle. Rekisterinpitäjä voi pyytää tarvittaessa pyynnön esittäjää todistamaan henkilöllisyytensä. Rekisterinpitäjä vastaa asiakkaalle EU:n tietosuoja-asetuksessa säädetyssä ajassa (pääsääntöisesti kuukauden kuluessa).


  1. Muut henkilötietojen käsittelyyn liittyvät oikeudet

Rekisterissä olevalla henkilöllä on oikeus pyytää häntä koskevien henkilötietojen poistamiseen rekisteristä (“oikeus tulla unohdetuksi”). Niin ikään rekisteröidyillä on muut EU:n yleisen tietosuoja-asetuksen mukaiset oikeudet kuten henkilötietojen käsittelyn rajoittaminen tietyissä tilanteissa. Pyynnöt tulee lähettää kirjallisesti rekisterinpitäjälle. Rekisterinpitäjä voi pyytää tarvittaessa pyynnön esittäjää todistamaan henkilöllisyytensä. Rekisterinpitäjä vastaa asiakkaalle EU:n tietosuoja-asetuksessa säädetyssä ajassa (pääsääntöisesti kuukauden kuluessa).