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LaFlumine produces and retails organic cosmetic products in Tampere, Finland. The company relied on kautto.net in order to achieve an all-inclusive harmony of branding and marketing all the way from brand name and website to promo leaflets and package design.


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La Flumine

( lat. river, fresh stream )


An all-inclusive branding process begins by
exploring a name for the brand and it’s sub-brands
that expresses and retains LaFlumine‘s core value:
the nature.

The all-natural deodorant products are to be sold through three
different retail channels, plus an online shop.

In co-operation with LaFlumine, we went through a broad variety of different brand names and package design concepts and narrowed down to the ones that fit each of the three hand-picked markets the best.

LaFlumine products are to be distributed through major stores and supermarkets within Finland.

LaFlumine web shop by kautto.net will open as soon as distribution starts.

Stay tuned!