WEB DEV & Design refinement


Coming out of China, OUKITEL – a smartphone manufacturer – needed a localized an culture-tailored website for the European markets. Working with KAUTTO.NET – already having a strong background in the smartphone industry – was an easy choice for OUKITEL.


June 2017


Web Design

OUKITEL is an international brand focused on the field of smartphones. The official website of OUKITEL provides mobile phone information, pre-sale consultation and online purchase possibility for customers and businesses.

Having already built a strong brand and visual identity in Asia, OUKITEL had a certain design language to express in their Global Web Design. 


This code of design was applied in a modernized, refreshed and responsive way that best suits the target markets while paying respect to the root of OUKITEL design and culture.


OUKTIEL Smartphones and smart devices are distributed through Finland, Europe and worldwide through selected retailers.

To learn more about OUKITEL devices, updates and website, visit Oukitel.com and Oukitel.fi by KAUTTO.NET